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Fjordmail Technologies is a Norwegian service provider, offering premium and local email services with excellent customer support.

Our email services are ad-free, and do not use data from your personal mailbox for commercial gain. We develop our services to make our customers’ online presence safer and more simple, and look forward to offering even more exciting services in the future.

Customer testimonials

I have been a customer since 2007, and I have always been extremely satisfied with your email service.
Mailia customer
May, 2020
I have been in contact with your customer support a few times, and I am very pleased with the personal contact, response time, and clear answers!
Wemail customer
November, 2020

Our brands

Fjordmail’s vision is to become one of the most easy-to-use and secure email services in the world.

Learn more at Fjordmail.com

Mailia is a Norwegian email service with 10+ years of history, for customers with six different domain names (e.g. @start.no)

Learn more at Mailia.no

SOL.dk is a portal offering the latest news and an email service for Danish consumers

Learn more at SOL.dk

Wemail is a Norwegian email service, rebranded from Getmail in the summer of 2020.

Learn more at Wemail.no

Jubii.dk is a Danish news portal and email service.

Learn more at Jubii.dk

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Fjordmail Technologies AS

Org. number (NO): 920 243 347 MVA

Email: post@fjordmail.no