Fjordmail Technologies to acquire Jubii in Denmark

Fjordmail Technologies to acquire in Denmark

Oslo, 10 November 2020

We are proud to announce that as of December 1st, the Danish website and email service will be a part of the Fjordmail family. was launched in 1995 and is a well-known brand in the Danish market. Jubii initially started up in the early internet days as a web portal and search engine where Danish consumers could find all they needed for their online consumption. grew to become one of the most popular Danish websites, and was sold to Lycos Europe in 2000. The current owner, Nordjyske Medier, took over in 2013.

– We are extremely pleased and honored to step in as new owners of Jubii, and we look forward to continue developing Jubii into an even better service for all the loyal users, says HÃ¥vard Langmoen, the CEO of Fjordmail Technologies.

The new family member is a good fit in all ways:

– Our business is based on offering premium and ad-free email services for consumers in Scandinavia. Jubii has a very strong presence and an excellent value proposition to the Danish consumers. In particular, Jubii Mail offers a very helpful customer support with high availability and competence.

Jubii will continue as a separate and individual brand with the new owners. The email users will keep their emails and their email address, and can expect more exciting news to be announced in the time to come.

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