Information about the new

Information about the new

Please note that the company Fjordmail Technologies AS has now changed name to AS. This name change does not impact our customers in any way.

We are proud to announce that as of 8 August 2023, the email service will be a part of the Fjordmail family. On this page, you can find information about the new version of

As of 8 August 2023, the ownership of will be transferred to Fjordmail Technologies AS.

Fjordmail Technologies is a specialized email provider based in Norway. We deliver email service to customers around the world via 12 different brands. You can read more about us here.

On the early morning of 8 August 2023, will be switching from the old servers to Fjordmail’s servers. As an user, this means that the webmail will look a bit different, but your email will continue to work as normal.

You do not have to do anything in relation to this change.

As long as you know your email address and password, you will be able to sign in to the new webmail on 8 August. All your emails will be kept and you can continue using your email as normal.

Please note that by 5 September, you will need to have an active subscription to keep using your email. The price for this subscription is €4.99 per month including VAT, and the subscription must be activated between 8 August and 5 September.

More information about the changes will be posted on on 8 August.

Below you will find frequently asked questions about the new email service. We recommend that you read this before contacting our support team.

For questions which are not relating to the new service, please contact Telia support directly.

Frequently asked questions:

After operating for many years, Telia has decided to find an owner who can keep investing in the email service to keep it up to date with modern standards when it comes to functionality and security.

Fjordmail Technologies is a specialized email provider who is continuously developing the email services to create the best possible service for all customers.

This also means that is here to stay and not at risk of being closed down (like many other email services have been in recent years).

We welcome you onboard and hope you will keep enjoying the new email service after the launch on 8 August 2023.

Here are some of the benefits of the new email service:

  • Modernized webmail: The new webmail is available for desktop and mobile devices
  • 10 GB storage: No more worrying about your inbox filling up!
  • Ad-free and private email: We do not expose our customers to advertisement on the website or webmail, and we do not use data from your emails for commercial gain
  • IMAP/SMTP: Keep your emails in sync on your computer, phone, and tablet using third-party apps
  • Quick and professional customer support: Our support team is here to help you in Estonian, Russian and English
  • Stability: The new email servers will have close to 100% uptime
  • Spam filter and virus protection: Our advanced systems minimize unwanted email messages

The price for an email account will be €4.99 per month including VAT. 

In order to keep using the email, you will be asked to activate a subscription by 5 September 2023. More information about this will be available after 8 August.

Until 5 September, you can keep using your email as normal without making any changes.

There are several costs and investments related to operating an email service. used to be offered for free based on revenues from other Telia services. Fjordmail Technologies is a separate and private company, and we need revenues to keep offering our email services. As we believe that advertisements do not lead to a user friendly service, we have chosen to go with a subscription-based business model. This means that you need to pay a monthly amount for the service.

With a subscription model in place, we will also have a more stable income to pay for technical resources, hosting, customer support, and other expenses. We believe this the most viable business model for the future, allowing us to make the necessary investments to keep up with the required functionality, customer experience, and IT security.

This also means that is here to stay, and not at risk of being closed down (like many other email services have been in recent years).

We understand that not everyone will be happy about this change, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Still, to offer a high-quality service for the future, we depend on having a financially sustainable business model.


All your email will be moved to the new email service. Please note that some of the most recent emails may be missing right after the switch on 8 August, but all emails should soon appear in your mailbox.


You will keep your email address and any aliases connected to it. In order to keep using your email after 5 September, you will need to activate a subscription.

Still have a question?

If you have a question regarding the current services or your Telia subscription, please contact Telia support here.

If you have a question regarding the new email service or Fjordmail Technologies, please contact us at