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Partner with us to exit your email service

Are you considering to discontinue your B2C email service? We help Telcos and ICTs exit their email service while making sure customers have an option to continue using the service.

Many Telcos and ICTs have concluded that offering an email service to their customers is not the right focus for them. Here are some of the reasons that our partners have provided:

  • Email is a non-core and non-strategic part of the business, and hence will not see significant investments in the future
  • It is costly to offer and maintain a quality service, while remaining up-to-date on the latest security features in both customer-facing functionality and in operations
  • Email as a service is driving unwanted complexity and noise, e.g. for technical operations and support divisions
  • The email service has a limited potential to generate revenue or avoid customer churn; while there is a clearer risk of damaging CSAT if something goes wrong

Knowing that many Telcos and ICTs consider to close down their email service; we have decided to offer a partnership that makes it easier to exit an email service.

In short, this is what we offer:

  • All email accounts (or select accounts) are transferred to us; and from a preset date, we are fully responsible for delivery of the email service for the customer
  • Customers keep their current email address and mailboxes (including their emails and contacts)
  • Over time, it is possible to convert all email addresses to a new domain if required; e.g. all email addresses could change from to (from a customer’s perspective, keeping the current email address is more desirable, of course)
  • We offer project management and support based on our experience from similar email migration projects, to make the process as seamless and effective as possible
  • Customers will be offered significant improvements in the service offering (e.g. modernized email interface, storage boost, device interoperability, etc.)

Our business model is based on subscriptions with a small monthly fee per customer. Our email service is ad free, and we do not sell or use information from the customers’ mailbox for commercial gain. Our customers’ privacy has the highest priority, and we will not compromise on this.

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