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Partner with us to exit your email service

Oslo, February 2021

Are you considering to discontinue your B2C email service? We help Telcos and ICTs exit their email service while making sure the customers have an option to continue using the service.

Many Telcos and ICTs have concluded that offering an email service to their customers is not the right focus for them. Here are some of the reasons that our partners have provided:

  • Email is a non-core and non-strategic part of the business, and hence will not see significant investments in the future
  • It is costly to offer and maintain a quality service, while remaining up-to-date on the latest security features in both customer-facing functionality and in operations
  • Email as a service at scale is driving unwanted complexity and noise, e.g. for technical operations and support divisions
  • The email service has a limited potential to generate revenue or avoid customer churn; while there is a clearer risk of damaging CSAT if something goes wrong

Knowing that many Telcos and ICTs feel this way, Fjordmail Technologies has decided to offer a partnership for companies that have decided to exit their email service.

This is what we offer:

  • We can take full ownership of the service through a simple process where we are responsible for migrating all the data
  • We offer project support based on our experience from similar email migration projects, to make the process as seamless and effective as possible (e.g. best-in-class

place your bets on other horses than email for your customers, we can take full ownership to your current B2C email service to make sure your customers get a continuation in their service offering. Contact us to learn how to exit a non-core business area with limited close-down costs, and to the benefit of your customers.

Fjordmail Technologies is a Norwegian service provider, offering full management of companies’ email services. Furthermore, for Telcos and ICTs considering to close down their B2C email service, we provide a less costly and more customer-oriented alternative.

Technical partner

Let us deal with the everyday technical operations, including activity monitoring, maintaining appropriate security levels, and limiting ingoing and outgoing spam. We have partnered with specialized suppliers to offer you a superb email server system. Furthermore, we offer a fresh and effective front-end for your customers, adjusted to meet your requirements for design and functionality.

Operational partner

We can make a huge difference by taking complete process ownership, including a professional first line customer contact. Our experience with email operations and customer relationship provides a fast and accurate problem solving for your email users.

Exit partner


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